Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The basement is done!

The basement is finally done and ready to be lived in. We still have the area under the garage to finish but we have three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living area completed! The girls moved their rooms down there and love it!

Living area (with the girls' bedroom doors in the background)

Guest bedroom on the left, bathroom on the right
and under the stairs storage behind the door

Macy with her big bed

Macy and bed again

The other side of Macy's room

The Uppercase Living by the beauty shop, adorable!

Entering Macy's room

Ashlyn's big bed

The Uppercase Living above her bed

The other side of Ashlyn's room

Still Ashlyn's room

The far wall in her room

Going out of her room

all smiles

Ok, so this one's not a smile...but they are coming

Almost a little laugh...having a blast with mom

He's going to be a heart-breaker

There's a big one!

Yep, that's my boy!

All dressed up for graduation

Gillette Fun

We all went to Gillette for Scout's dedication. It was a great time and Kyle and Miranda were awesome hosts! Michael and I were honored as Scout's godparents, everything went off without a hitch...well for the most part.

The girls swinging at the park

Macy loving the park

Ashlyn having a blast too!

Uncle D reading to Ashlyn

Eating cake with Uncle D

Cruise with Grandpa Dewey

Monday, May 18, 2009

60th Wedding Anniversary

Michael's grandma and grandpa Koupal had their 60th wedding anniversary. Congrats you two!

Cruise with great-grandpa Steve

All the great grandchildren

The grandchildren

The kids with grandma and grandpa Koupal

Macy and Jessica in the hot tub!

Preschool Party

Macy had her preschool party...basically just parents filling out paper work, and lots of it!!! The girls all got to wear tierra's (it was adorable) and I think the boys had bow ties (I'm not sure). They had music playing and the kids got to dance the night away. She had a great time.

She's getting too big!

Macy with Ava and Madi

Madi, Ava, Macy and Jessica